Trip West Games is an independent developer, designer, and publisher of video and tabletop games. Check out what we've made and what we're continuing to work on.

Ars Victor

Released in 2013, Ars Victor brings you fast-paced, tense tactical combat. Design your army, place the map tiles, begin the battle. A 2-player war game you can finish in an hour! Two separate expansions are currently in development.



A 4-7 player social game that combines the secret card play of BSG, shifting alliances of Diplomacy, and the social interaction of Werewolf. Commies! is easy to learn and simultaneous play keeps the pace quick.

Hundred Kings War

Claim the throne of the shattered Old Empire! In this 2-5 player game, use hidden bidding to compete for control of scoring areas on the board that shift in relevance every turn.

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